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The ArcLight Foundations' primary objective is aggressive and proactive not reactive; support of rescuing victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of

combatting human trafficking, human trafficking, forces sexual exploitation, forced labor,

Human Trafficking is the plague of the earth. The depravity of human traffickers has reached incredible levels. The numbers of ​victims increase each day. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are over 20 million victims worldwide. Probably the most painful realization for us is that many of those are children will never be rescued.


Our special thanks to first off to the awesome song "The Turning Away" by Pink Floyd see links below. The lyrics and the feel of this song lend incredibly to the overwhelming movement we are witnessing across the earth against the abuse of children and human trafficking. It must stop, and it will stop! We are and the festival of Info on us: We are a non-profit organization, granted official 501c(3) status by the IRS. All donations to our organization are tax deductible. Seeking Corporate Sponsorship, Donations, Grants or gifts from foundations, or personal donations. Your Company, or someones name you choose will appear in our sponsors section which will be seen by everyone on the left or right margin of our page. As a Corporate or major sponsor, your Comany's Name will also appear at all events we attend. 609-501-3870 Our primary mission is aggressive and proactive support to rescue victims of human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and forced labor. To provide them and their families with the support they need to heal, recover, and regain a normal life. We also sup

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